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Emily Peterson
Emily Peterson is 17 years young and a senior at Flushing High School. This is her third year being part of The Blazer. Emily is the Arts and Entertainment editor. She also illustrates and writes album reviews for both the website and print. Emily enjoys listening to music, drawing, petting dogs, and eating food. Emily enjoys the colors “mustard yellow” and “forest green”. Emily is an anxious wreck 24/7, which is very apparent by her squirrely nature. Her favorite movies are Moonrise Kingdom and The Shining. Emily’s favorite musicians are Porter Robinson, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, TV Girl, and Glass Animals. Emily’s favorite foods are guacamole, pasta, and french fries. Emily aspires to maybe be an art therapist but then again she doesn’t know what in the darn heck she’s doing so who knows where she’ll end up. Emily’s favorite TV shows are Parks and Recreation, The Office, Stranger Things, and Bob’s Burgers. Emily is slowly dying as she drags her tired, lifeless body to graduation.

Emily Peterson, A&E Editor

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