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The Addams Family: Full Disclosure

April 5, 2017

Wednesday moons over her blonde, Ohioan fiance. Pugsley fears losing his sister. Gomez and Morticia are having marital problems. And to impress the fiance’s family, the Addams are acting… normal.

This is plot of The Addams Family musical, performed by Flushing High School Students March 24-26, intermixed with tangoing ghosts, broadway tunes, and a few political jokes. America’s most macabre family was so… normal. I know that was the point, and I know the show is a comedy, but it was just so… normal. Dull. Predictable. Yes, the ensemble was made up of Addams Ancestors, Pugsley was tortured on a rack, and Morticia longs to go to Paris for its sewers. The token creepiness thrown in sporadically did not distract from the lack of plot; two hours is spent watching the Addams work though problems most families go through.

Though the musical itself did not hold my interest, seeing my classmates put on ghostly makeup, tango, and sing cheesy lyrics is more than entertaining… it is inspiring. Abbey Smith sang her heart out as Wednesday, Paige Albert dramatically crawls across a table as Alice Benekie, Allison Boatwright broke the fourth-wall as a moon-smitten Uncle Fester, and Jack Wheatley played the flamboyant Gomez with flair and an over-the-top Spanish accent. I’m no expert, but the vocal performances seemed well-above what is expected of high schoolers.

Not only did the singing and acting exceed expectations, but the tech crew and pit orchestra seamlessly executed the more thankless tasks: spotlight, sound effects, and providing background music. Even though I did not care for the show itself, I have nothing but good things to say about its execution and even though I’ve been to dozens of FHS productions, I am surprised by my classmates’ talent every single time.


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