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What 2017 Means for Flushing High School

February 7, 2017

“New year, new me.” Everyone says it, few go through with it. There are all different kinds of resolutions from a new diet, to a totally new way of living. I was able to speak with students here at FHS to see exactly their plans for this yearly tradition.

Jack Wheatley
“My New Year’s resolution is to purge my social media accounts of political bias. One day I want to work for NPR as a radio reporter, so I need to be transparent. I think everyone should try this: many employers look at social media accounts for any inappropriate behavior or huge political affiliation. It’s best to always portray yourself to others with an open mind on the internet and in person.”





Chloe Noll
“Over the past few months, I’ve been drinking a lot of pop and eating a lot of fast food because of working at the Flushing A and it just makes me feel gross. I want to feel healthier, and drinking water and tea and not eating fast food will hopefully help.”



Zoey Straight

“My New Year’s resolution is to take chances and to not hold back from opportunities. Last year, I realized I really didn’t have a lot of stories that I could tell that I can tell sophomore and junior year so, for the new year I want to have a life”

Alaina Short
“One of my resolutions is to take more time to be positive and kind daily. I am doing this because so many high schoolers tend to easily think about the negatives, so I want to remind my peers daily that the world is a good place to be in and high school stress shouldn’t have control over how I treat people.”









Zaniya Purdue
“My New Year’s resolution is to meet my overall goal for weight loss. Last year I lost 40 pounds and want to continue to lose weight. Coming from a family with a history of weight related illnesses, me meeting my goal and becoming a healthier me would not only benefit me but also my children and hopefully my other family members will see the change and strive to become healthier.”





Keaten Franklin

“I often make resolutions at times throughout the year rather than at the new year alone, though I enjoy the novelty of a fresh start. I decided to work out more, because I haven’t been exercising enough since winter came. I’ve been fulfilling this by running 2-3 miles daily and performing a nice, routine workout for about 10-20 minutes as well. I’ve found myself in better shape and eating far better. I have had a lot less interest in eating unhealthier food I’d seek previously. I plan to continue with this regimen, feeling better about myself and my surroundings.”

Eden Conly
“For the new year I want to love myself more and focus on being better just for me and not for anyone else. Just focus on school and work and be happier being me. In 2016, I was very wrapped up in another person and I was just allowing myself to only do things that made them happy not realizing that I wasn’t happy at so for the new year, I decided to focus on myself.”

Vera Lafferty
“I want to be more responsible because I want to get my grades up and I’m going to make more time to get my work done on time.”



Alexis Rennie

“I never do resolutions, but I’ll make a mental note to myself of what I want to accomplish. This year, I want to be happy. I know that’s a real cheesy thing to say, but at the beginning of my 10th grade year, I had a negative outlook to pretty much everything in my life. Therefore, I want to feel and be truly happy. I will live in the moment and not get caught up in all the drama that high school tends to create. I will create stronger relationships with the people I am close with while also making new relationships along the way. I will rid my life of negativity, and if that means losing friends so be it. I will continue to make art and create music because that is what makes me happy.I will do great in school because it’s on the list of things I love. I will love others freely and endlessly because life’s too short and the world is too negative for anything less. I know that when I do achieve these things, then I will be happy.”

Making New Years Resolutions causes people to feel obligated to go above what they set for themselves, often times making them feel like they’re setting themselves up for failure. A new year may mean many different things to many people. To some people it means little to nothing while to others it’s a time to “reinvent” themselves. Whether you are person A or person B, the new year is simply just another day and you can chose to do what you want with it.

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