my perspective of poetry

January 20, 2017


poetry is a way to show the world what your heart beats and breaks for. it shows what you’ve broke free from and what you are entangled in. you can share your perspective of something so simple and make it worth the read, innocently changing somebody else’s view. you can place words into phrases that send chills down your dad’s back because he didn’t know how to tell you he was proud of you, and that was all you needed. your mom’s eyes may overflow with tears and sympathy when she finds the real reason you left the party. the originality we are gifted with to use for different types of art is beautiful in poetry, and we can talk about what we’ve faced to help readers understand in ways they can.


your english teachers have taught you exactly how to write a poem. there are common “rules” to poetry and “standards” to follow. the school board must lack the knowledge of those limits pushing kids away. i understand the importance of informing kids of the ways to write a specific poem. but our grades are so important to us that we have to be held in chains when we open our minds to the creativity we each hold. we have to meet every standard or we will lose 2 points in a stanza simply because line 3 of 4 did not rhyme with line 1. what a shame you lost points for expressing yourself the way you desired to.


some kids are lazy and throw a poem together in 3rd hour when it’s due in 4th. some kids don’t pour their hearts into it. and that is okay. but i am too in love with poetry to leave the cup in front of me empty when i have so much to pour into it. i am too in love to write meaningless phrases on a piece of paper and pray to the God of this world i get an A for my lack of purpose in a piece of literature. i am too in love.


poetry contains so much truth and if you let it, every piece of your heart.


we’re taught in which we write, we have standards to meet, that our creativity and truth we pour out has requirements. it shouldn’t. if you’d like to write a proper version of a haiku poem, do it. but on any other occasion, write it exactly how you want, because when you’re 87 and look back on the poetry you wrote, you should love it. you should remember how much courage it took to write in words what you’re too afraid to speak.


carly hensel

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