Flushing High’s Basketball Legacies

January 25, 2017

Walking into Flushing High School’s gym on a Friday night is electric: students pile into their designated section, clad in the night’s themed clothing; photographers line the walls; and, most notably, children, presumably relatives of the players and coaches, run back and forth in the areas surrounding the court.  The “family legacy” of basketball is a reality for many of Flushing’s basketball players, and many started playing basketball at a very young age, whether it be through the Upward Basketball program or in their own backyards.

Senior Logan Barber started playing basketball when he was in elementary school, as it was the tradition in his family; Barber’s grandfather and mother both played basketball in their youth. “My mom had dreams of playing basketball in college, but she never got there. To me, basketball means helping fulfill my mom’s dream,” explains Barber. Similarly, Flushing sophomore and girl’s varsity basketball player, Jakara Edwards-House, holds importance in basketball explaining, “It’s just been in my family for a while.” To her, she’s upholding another family basketball legacy.

Barber remembers when he admired the older players while in middle school and elementary school: “Looking up to the older players was how I got better, I was learning and going off what I had learned from watching them.” Now in his second year of Varsity basketball, Barber feels the pressure to be a role model for younger kids in the Flushing basketball program. Bre Perry, senior and four-year varsity player, began playing basketball in elementary school, and, similarly looked up to the high schoolers. Now that Perry is filling varsity shoes, she sees basketball as “ a good future and a way to get to college.” This can invite younger players to feel the same, creating and maintaining further legacy.

For kids that aspire to be on the varsity basketball team, Barber suggests they “work hard every day and play with older kids,” in order to grow and learn from mistakes, in the hopes of feeling that same electricity and excitement on winter Friday nights.

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