January 2, 2017


Dear              ,

Please seek, please act.

I have been alive for 17 years now and have experienced so little but so grand. I have found cruelty and I have found shocking selflessness. I have acted with both. I see not only the way students in our halls treat one another, but the manner in which we as humans treat one another. I know this article, inevitably set to be caked into the abyss of the internet is not going to change the world, but I feel it is my duty, especially when given a platform as such, to offer a simple plea: Do not take this life for granted.

I have found so often in myself and those around me how little it takes to provoke frustration, argument, disdain. It sickens me. I can’t say there was a time when we treated each other better, because I haven’t been around that long. However, I can picture a life where we treat each other better, and that can’t be for nothing. I find so much mindless selfishness, so much disregard for one another. We judge without hesitation and in the harshest ways. We no longer value what it is to be alive. We no longer stop to understand the significance of our paths in this life. We take this life for granted

As I’ve said, I have little experience on this Earth. Nonetheless, I know what matters in this life. I know what should be held in the highest respect. I’ve lived what is hopefully a small fraction of my life span, and I already know what I will spend every day of my life focusing on, and what everyone needs to be focusing on, and that is each other. We do nothing, we solve nothing, we find nothing without one another.

Answers are scarce for the big questions in this life. We do need one another. And this seems to be the greatest problem. Pride has been put before trust. Egos have beaten sincerity. This is no way to live.

Now that I have finished ranting of the bad, I will now focus on the good, for there is so, so much of it out there. I have seen the good in people and I know there is capability in all to use it. I know everyone faces various hardships and struggles differently, but I believe there is nothing that a genuine desire to care can’t fix. It’s difficult to face in a world of such pessimism and disregard, but caring is all it takes. I find myself stopping in awe when smiled at by a stranger, when interacted with or helped by someone I don’t know. Personal, permanent interactions making a lasting difference. We must look around at every person, every being, and find their purpose in this life. We take everything for granted, because everything can be. What’s great about this is, everything can just as well be noticed.

I know I cannot fix much, let alone everyone. I know that cruelty will always exist. I know life’s far from perfect and puzzling. I know a lot and I also know little. What I know more than anything, however, is there is always someone who feels how you do. So, I plea: Look at who you wouldn’t before. Do what you wouldn’t before. Put down distraction. Find new. Find what is home. Find what makes you glad to be living. Hold onto that. I plea: seek the good people, the good things. I plea: act with a light heart, act the way you are capable of. Create, share, love, work, travel, run, stop, stare, think. Think.

I know there is a world somewhere in the future or some dark pocket of the Universe that has a place with people treating each other like people. A place where we’re not so self involved. A place where we do the simplest but most powerful act: care.

I hope 2017 is a step towards that place.


Happy New Year,

Keaten Franklin

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2 Responses to “2017”

  1. David Andres on January 7th, 2017 10:25 PM

    Well said Keaten, Lets hope others find in themselves to simply try because that is all it takes! Happy New Year,


  2. Jason Andres on January 7th, 2017 11:16 PM

    Well said, sir. Little kindnesses go a long way. Thank you for this.


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