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The Biggby Coffee Specialty Holiday Beverage Extravaganza

Sarah Covert and Emma give customers a review on Biggby’s holiday coffees to inform them how they taste and their overall thoughts.

December 6, 2016

With the holiday season up and running, stores are advertising their various Christmas products! Biggby Coffee, originating from East Lansing, has become one of the many businesses starting to release their eight holiday drinks, which are featured in the holiday season alone, and two specialty drinks, which are featured only in December.  Sarah Covert  and Emma Burgess have decided, in the weeks before the holidays, to pay a weekly visit to our beloved Biggby Coffee on Pierson Rd. to taste-test and review their festive drinks. 


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Gingerbread Man Latte & Peppermint Stick Mocha Latte

This week, we tested Biggby’s take on the holiday favorites, the gingerbread man, and candy cane. Let’s see how these drinks capture the flavor of their inspiration.

ginger-bread-manGingerbread Man Latte (Chocolate, cinnamon, and gingerbread)
Strength: 6 out of 10
Flavor: It had more of a bland coffee taste than gingerbread flavor
Cost: Grande cost about $4.89 – if you use their coupons you can buy one and get one free
Stars: 2 Stars

The flavors aren’t mixed well and aren’t strong enough. It includes or is supposed to have gingerbread flavoring, cinnamon, and chocolate. It had a nice topping of whipped cream and a little drizzle of chocolate syrup. Emma and Sarah rated this drink lowly because the gingerbread flavor was barely present and seemed as if there wasn’t any cinnamon. Emma explained it with a cringing face saying “It was like getting a bad iced coffee with a water down coffee flavor and a shot of gingerbread flavor”.

Peppermint Stick Mocha Latte (Dark chocolate, mint, crushed candy canespeppermint-stick-1
Strength: 7 out of 10

Flavor: Your first sip of the coffee gave you that warm chocolate peppermint taste
Cost: Got the second drink free because they used their coupons but the total was $6.27
Stars: 5 Stars

The flavors of the coffee mixed very well with each other. You got a nice taste of coffee but not too much because the chocolate and peppermint counter acted the coffee taste.  The taste of the peppermint made you think you were eating a chocolate covered candy cane. The whipped cream topping also had a light chocolate syrup drizzle and crushed candy canes on top. Sarah and Emma both agreed this coffee deserves a 5 star rating because unlike the gingerbread coffee this one was a frozen coffee well blended its flavors worked together not against each other. Sarah cheerfully exclaimed ”the decorative topping really brought out the Christmas cheer!”

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Snow Mint Mocha Latte and Avalanche Latte

This week, we tested Biggby’s take on snow mint and avalanches. Let’s see how these drinks capture the flavor of their inspiration

Snow Mint Mocha Latte (White chocolate, mint and crushed peppermint candy)
Strength: 5 out of 10
Flavor: Warm Christmas taste of homemade chocolate and coffee covered in candy canes  
Cost: Grande costs $4.89 and if you use their coupons you can buy one and get one free


The flavors mix well. Sarah and Emma said they really tasted the white chocolate and peppermint. Emma said with excitement, “This is really good. I really like it.” Sarah said, like last week, “it tastes like a chocolate covered candy cane only with white chocolate this time.”Sarah and Emma agreed that the flavors of the coffee blended well with each other, but one flavor did not stick out more than the other flavors of the coffee. The whipped topping with white chocolate and peppermint put Sarah in the Christmas mood, made her hope for a white Christmas, and hopes it will do the same for you. Sarah had a bit of a bad experience this morning when she asked for two more straws and they said “that’ll be two dollars.” If you plan to share your drink bring your own straws if you don’t want to pay extra.

Avalanche Latte (White chocolate and mint)
Strength: 6 out of 10
Flavor: started off as just coffee but then blended into a minty flavor
Cost: Got the second drink free because of their coupons, but the total was $6.27


When you take your first sip of coffee you kinda feel disappointed but then the mint flavor kicks in and you want to drink more. It slowly turns into a coffee addiction. Emma giggled and said “When you take your first sip the flavors melt in your mouth. You just have to go back for more and you realize the drink is half gone.” Sarah agreed with a grin saying “I love the aftertaste of mint and chocolate”. It didn’t look like a holiday drink, for it just had white chocolate drizzle and chocolate drizzle with whipped cream topping but once you took a sip it reminded you of what the holidays are all about. Sarah and Emma both wanted to stress that you can go online and sign up at biggby.com for their emails and deals. They send information regarding coupons and deals via email and snail mail.


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