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October 17, 2016


pick up a pen

pick up a pencil

grab your journal

maybe a stencil.

let your world come undone.


break apart

hit the ground

throw it up

spin around.

let your world come undone.


write your thoughts

journal your day

write down all you are


to say.


come undone

do not run

from the fear of what

you do not know.

let your world come undone.


trace a shape

set down your vape

watch an old tape

you’re more than just a shape

shaped like a human.


scream your mind

so loud


it is heard in the poetry

you try to write.


make this a habit

your favorite one

and one day

show it to your son.

tell him like i told you

“let your world come undone.”


carly hensel

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