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The Wondrous Wolverines

October 7, 2016


(CAPTION INFORMATION) The Wolverines rally together before the start of the game. Photos are of the University of Michigan vs. Western Michigan during football action in Ann Arbor, September 5, 2009. (The Detroit News / David Guralnick)

Photo Credit: Detroit News

The Michigan Wolverines are out of their previous losing slump from the past years. Recently, they have the Michigan State Spartans in their sights, and plan on trampling them, just how they did in previous years before their depressing slump.

This year they started by being generous, playing the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Typically, when big teams play small teams, the small team attains financial gain from the more popular team that invited them. The smaller team also has their school recognized by playing these big name schools. However, as we could have predicted, the Wolverines pulverized the Rainbow Warriors by defeating them 63 – 3.

The following game they versed the UCF Knights, winning with a score of 51 – 14. The Wolverines carried on and took that streak to the next game in which they faced the Colorado University Buffaloes; the Buffalo’s were trampled by Michigan with a score of 45-28. The Wolverines carried their streak into their next two games. Those two games were against the Penn State Nittany Lions, which they had little to no difficulty winning, defeating the Lions with an end score of 49-10. The last game they played was against the Wisconsin Badgers.

In this face-off the Wolverines had the most difficulty, the score ending 14-7. When I watched this game, I noticed the Wolverines’ offense had trouble breaking through the Badgers defense. However, despite confrontation with this huge setback, they found a way through it. The Wolverines put up a stellar defense against the Badgers similarly outstanding offense. The Wolverines were able to stop all the Badgers’ drives, excluding one, which resulted in the Badgers scoring their lone touchdown.


The Spartans fans were mad before the game, since the Spartans lost to the Badgers the week previous. The Michigan State fans were saying the Wolverines would lose to the Badgers as well. After the Wolverines defeated the Badgers 14-7, Spartan fans have proven to be irate and are worried about losing to the Wolverines in the upcoming game.

So far the Wolverines are undefeated with the record of 5-0. The Wolverine fans are ecstatic about the victories and the upcoming games. All we can do now is sit back and watch the great games to come.

                                                                                                                                                           Photo Credit: Tony Ding

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