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Stephen King’s It features Largest Movie Set Ever

October 5, 2016

There are many issues that have been on the mind of the public in recent news: ISIS in particular, the coming election, the beginning of fall and the return of school. But there is one issue especially that has ignited fear in the hearts and minds of the public: clowns. Really creepy, possibly murderous, clowns. Many random and spooky clowns have been spotted across the nation, frightening children and adults alike. These recent sightings of what should be a form of children’s entertainment has left many with severe Coulrophobia on edge. However, I think we all need to calm down because there is a reasonable and completely logical answer to these widespread reports of clowns across America: it’s none other than Stephen King himself filming for the upcoming 2017 horror film, It.


It was a movie which came out in 1990 and left many people terrified of clowns for life and a new version is set to be released sometime in 2017. I’m sure we are all familiar with the iconic clown character Pennywise and the terror he instills among the children of Derry, Maine which also terrorized its viewers. And even though many have reported seeing clowns in South Carolina, New York, Missouri and even right here in good ol’ Michigan, I believe it is just Mr. King working his upcoming remake of It with the largest movie set ever created. It’s so crazy and so unbelievable, that it seems completely reasonable. I mean, when asked how big Hollywood could go for movie sets, they probably said why not just film entirely across America and not tell anyone? The idea is so genius to not tell anyone because then citizens will act how they feel without old boring scripts or having to pretend to be scared. It will be the most realistic horror movie of our generation (not including the true story of Sharknado 2) and should be the blockbuster hit of 2017 because we might see ourselves in it.


The bottom line is, if you see a clown in your area and feel compelled to run, don’t. It’s probably just an actor so you should try to act scared but definitely play your part well for the cameras. Don’t attack them because they’re  normal citizens making their living just like you and I. Pretty soon this whole clown thing will be over whenever Stephen feels like he has enough genuine horror footage to work with. But until then, remember that we are all currently part of the largest movie set ever created and we should all act our part accordingly, and these clowns are just actors doing their jobs. It’s not like they’re actually part of a cult or are actually trying to kidnap and murder people right?

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