Flushing Varsity Volleyball

October 27, 2016

Best smack gets the snack; the important games of your high school career have started. Flushing and the opposing team go back and forth exchanging blows to the stitched ball. Samantha Yoncho sets it up and Taylor Wendling receives and spikes it, the other team nowhere to be found. Flushing is up
by a point. The adrenaline is coursing through their veins. The other team pushes back hard. This is whea8f11c09-3f5c-4b3f-bde2-02501f6a1623-1n the raiders know it’s game time, giving it all they have. Flushing defeats their opponents; they run into a huge huddle screaming, chanting, and jumping all about; they’ve won and can celebrate as a big family.

Now that Flushing’s won, it’s time to get back to practice to prepare for the next game. The players take turns with their drills and positions (setters, defensive specialists, outside hitters, right side hitters, center hitters, and middle hitters). The team hopes to win the league, take districts, and win regionals this year. So far, the Raiders are spiking down their competition in their league, with their only league loss being Fenton. 



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