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"Sleep Walk" is just a super good song

May 3, 2016

It was a day like any other at Flushing High School. Lunch C had just commenced on a simple Friday afternoon in April… what just so happened to be the last Friday in April. I was eating my pizza Lunchable, and this was the first time I was eating anything other than a chicken Caesar salad for lunch in SEVEN MONTHS. So I was observing the many characters in the cafeteria, when I saw something which I will hold with me until I part this realm.

It began when I noticed a student going to town on an apple. His determination was impressive, and I also noted his garnishing of a pale cream and dark blue flannel and luscious long brown hair. I respected the man for his choice in eatery, garb, and do. However, soon after this observation I glanced only 5 feet to said apple eater’s left to find another young man sitting at a table. !!!! WARNING: WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ MAY SHOCK, UNNERVE AND/OR CHANGE BELIEFS/DENOMINATIONS!!! This other young man was wearing the exact same cream and blue flannel, and also sported a flowing mop of brown locks. At this point I could no longer bear to eat. My eardrums were pounding and I swear I heard “Sleep Walk” playing in my head. Time slowed down and the floor began to shake softly. A Sepia tint glazed over the lunchroom and I was floating over the dining hall for a brief moment. I felt at one with the universe on this Friday. Only a greater power could have conjured such a beautiful beautiful coincidence. I continued my day in a state of nirvana, resting more peacefully that night than I possibly ever had before.

Now, I know what you are thinking: how could you face another day? How could you try to best a day where you saw a miracle take place? … Well… I’ll tell you how. I hope. I have hope that little miracles can happen all around me, and although I experienced what was likely the most incredible moment of my life, I valiantly woke the next Monday morn to seek even greater enigmas and mysteries. Words cannot describe what happened next, though they’re about to anyway. Though I added bold to and capitalized the previous warning, I will italicize this one to emphasize even further the life-changing information to come. !!!! WARNING: WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ MAY SHOCK, UNNERVE AND/OR CHANGE BELIEFS/DENOMINATIONS!!! I walked through the halls that Monday both enlightened by the previous Friday’s events and saddened by the lack of extraterrestrial happenstance occurring thus far. That was… until lunch came around. I giddily floated to lunch, nervous to face the room where my life changed. I sat in my seat, unpacking my Lunchable yet again (repetition of surroundings and habits increases chances of occurrence of desired outcomes). It was at this moment the table began shaking gently. I shuddered and glanced to the apple eating man, sitting in the same spot, eating another apple…

He. Was wearing. The same flannel.

At this point I had become convinced that my purpose on this Earth is greater than I could ever imagine. My brain, rattled already, urged me to look to the apple man’s left once more…

I find it hard to finish this. Though I must for the integrity of journalism.

The apple man’s doppelganger was sitting in the same spot… wearing it. The two flannels had found each other once more. Dumbfounded, I toppled over in my chair and my view went hazy. When I awoke, the room was empty. A redness had surfaced every inch of the cafeteria. “Sleep Walk” was playing from the speakers and I looked around in bewilderment. Slowly my gaze cleared and became fixed on two figures at the middle of the lunchroom. It was.. them. Apple man and his doppelganger were standing completely still in the middle of the room. They began levitating, “Sleep Walk” growing louder. I could not move my body and simply stared in part horror, in part amazement. Their bodies morphed into one, spiraling up and up to the ceiling, spinning quicker with every note hit in “Sleep Walk” (it’s a great song). Once they reached the ceiling,  they vanished, large fluff of blue and purple lights exploding in their wake and blanketing the red cafeteria. The light disappeared and the red left the room. I was able to stand and when I did, “Sleep Walk” blared in my ears and it all went black. When I blinked in the darkness, I came to the cafeteria as it was. No one had moved or acted as if anything had gone wrong. Apple man and his clone were gone.

I have never experienced anything as I did those days..

I will never feel as I did then…

And I have never found answers for the phenomenon…

I will never know why they both had the same flannel and hair…

I only know one thing now…

“Sleep Walk” is a good song.

(And maybe like because I changed my eating habits I began to be delusional or something. And I didn’t actually see the apple angels or whatever they are. And also the whole part with the empty room and explosions and stuff didn’t happen. They did wear the same flannel on the same day again though and that’s pretty crazy. So, basically, my point is, pizza Lunchables are really good and “Sleep Walk is good.”)


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  1. phoenix on May 3rd, 2016 8:53 AM

    ur welcome


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