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Rejected Senior Personalities

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It’s that time of year again at FHS, when the posters go up and the ballots come in. After much deliberation and discussion with students, teachers, and administrators, the final categories for the class of 2016’s Senior Personalities came in. While the approved ones are wonderful, a lot were left on the table. Here are a few of the ones deemed unfit for our seniors.

Most Likely to Accidentally Read Communist Manifesto

Best Birthmark Located on the Left Forearm

Best Response when told, “Don’t line up at the door.”

Most Likely to not Return my VHS copy of Labyrinth

Most Likely to Fulfill Stereotype of Breaking Stereotypes

Most Likely to Complain that Winner of Other Senior Personality Doesn’t Deserve It

Prettiest Single Eye that Doesn’t Quite Match the Other

Best at Feigning Awkwardness in Order to Avoid Talking to Weird People

Biggest Ego Coupled with Ironic Biggest Disdain for People with Big Egos

Most Likely to Claim Shyness but Doesn’t Actually Know the Horror of Crippling Social Anxiety

Most Times said, “It’s not a phase!” When it Actually Turned Out to be a Phase

Most Likely to use Text Abbreviations Unironically in Normal Conversation

Best Attempt at Trying to Shape Self to One Day Fit a Senior Personality Category and Sadly Not Win it

Best Attempt at Seeming like They Don’t Care but Deep Down They Desperately Want to Know what it’s like to Connect with Other People

Cutest Couple Formed only to Win This Award and Validate Self-Worth

Most Likely to Smile Smugly while Someone Else Gets Berated and/or While Being Apologized to

Best Appearance at Being Deep

Most Vehement Denial of the Star Wars Prequels

Most Likely to be Really Excited that a Topic They Like Comes up in Class but They Act like They Know Nothing about It to Hide Their Depressingly Nerdy Fascination

Most Likely to Say, “It wasn’t like that in the book!” without Having Actually Read the Book

Most Likely to Correct Others when They Themselves are Incorrect

Most Likely to be Offended by This Category

Most Likely to Yell “Kobe!” when Throwing Something Away and Ultimately Missing the Trash Can

Most Likely to Have Made This List

List Compiled from FHS Students by Myles Siglin

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Rejected Senior Personalities